About Us
Employee benefits
Wage structure

Fixed monthly salary, performance bonus, other bonus (project bonus, innovation bonus, intellectual property behavior bonus, quality bonus, etc.), various subsidies (position subsidy, education background subsidy, professional title subsidy, seniority subsidy, project subsidy, business trip subsidy, transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, meal subsidy, high temperature subsidy, etc.), as well as six insurances and one fund.

Career development

Doright provides its employees with sufficient development opportunities such as internal competitive recruitment, post promotion and position transition. It can also provide the dual-channel (technology & management) career development path for technicians.

Ability improvement

Doright invests a lot of research and development costs every year to encourage innovation. To be a learning enterprise, it also regularly carry out internal and external training, academic training, overseas exchange and reserve talent training.

Other benefits

Paid holidays, holiday presents, monthly/quarterly presents, regular buses both in Qingdao and Jiaozhou, free accommodation (1 or 2 persons per room, independent toilet, air conditioning, network, etc.), three meals, birthday present, regularly cultural and sports activities, traveling, physical examination, etc.